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Framer to Cordova - iOS
Quick demo on how to bundle and install your Framer app as a full iOS app using Cordova.
Nick Hanigan Feb 05, 2017
amazingly quick... at just under 5mins, it looks like this demo was in order to win a bet from some mates. thanks!!
Kyuhan Yeo Feb 14, 2017
thanks :-)
Carlo Poso Aug 31, 2017
Hello there, I am trying this out but having some problems when I arrive at min 3:00. I am using v99 of Framer. The index.html throws a script error, which is related to "Framer.Device.Customize". Chrome inspector says "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'customize' of undefined". On that line I am defining the screenWidth and the screenHeight. Do you have any idea? Thank you!
Carlo Poso Sep 01, 2017
Hello again. I managed to fix previous issue by simply not deleting the script call to framer.vekter.js I run into other problems, though. They are related to the XCode compilation step, which fails. You might want to test this process with the latest version of XCode and Framer. I hope you will post an update. Thank you!