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Loops and events
A common question that comes up involves javascript and it's sometimes confusing idea of closures. There's a lot to go over under the hood, but in this video I keep it really simple and explain the concept without getting into the nitty gritty of javascript terminology.
Adam Mazurick Mar 01, 2017
I want to assign different animations and behaviours to individual members of an array I create with a loop. I'm building an inbox prototype and I created an array of inbox messages. When one message is tapped I'd like it to perform an event. When another is tapped, I'd like a different event.
Zbigniew Jul 08, 2017
Hey, could you show how you defined your buttons? Working on a tag behaviour recently and this would be very helpful. Cheers
Daniel Marqusee Jul 23, 2017
Agreed Zbigniew, I would love to see the file.