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Framer Flows
The new Flow Component is a huge boost to quickly making multi-screen user flows. Now we can have built in native support for making end to end scenarios and have Framer take care of the magic!
Kyuho Lee Dec 08, 2016
Awesome cast! Thank you.
Justin Ewert Dec 09, 2016
Thanks Mike for this quick demo.
Michael McKenna Dec 12, 2016
How can you fix a layer inside a flow component screen? One that isn't a footer on every screen but like a "snack" layer that is contextual to the screen that is open? It would move from the bottom in and out. It seems difficult to override the scrolling. I can't seem to be able to figure this out.
Michael McKenna Jan 03, 2017
looking forward to part 2
Hass Murphy Jan 07, 2017
This video was really helpful. I know the flows are very new but you've made it simple and clear to follow. I'm excited about the updates.
JiHoon Lee Feb 25, 2017
Thanks for your help.
Adam Mazurick Mar 16, 2017
where's video 2?
Jason Nov 07, 2017
How would you do this with an imported Sketch file?
Alex Hogan Apr 26, 2018
Can you create an array of screens and use flowNext and flowPrevious to cycle through the array?