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Custom Modules: Part 2
Continuing on part one we will take our class and create a module for it. We'll go over how to export, import, and what all the names mean. We'll also talk about thinking about your user first (other Framer designers!) and letting them extend your module further through properties.
Julia Carlson Apr 06, 2017
This is super helpful! Do you have an example of a module with a more robust set of layers that are all different rather than a copy of a layer that gets passed different content? e.g. a piece of text + a background + a slider
Daniel Marqusee Aug 01, 2017
Keep making tuts. They help sooooooo much.
Rye Greenhalgh Aug 22, 2018
Love the videos. I know you have not posted in a while, but I am new to Framer and looking to get some help on drop down fields. Would love to pay for a tutor or any help would be appreciated.