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Code Clarity
Hey everyone, it's been a while since the last FramerCasts. I had a new baby boy a few weeks ago and have been a bit distracted :) Yesterday I read Steve Ruiz's article on code quality and really liked the approach. I decided to take a look at how I might solve the problem and see where that takes me, and wanted to explain the thought process through several approaches. I ended up with a declarative state driven class version that is simple to reason about and easy to extend, and realized that my main goal when I am balancing code complexity vs. readability is the ease of understanding what the code is doing when I re-open the file 3 months later. Link to the article: https://medium.com/@steveruiz/writing-better-and-worse-code-in-framer-aae7d59cd3e7
George Otsubo Mar 23, 2017
Awesome, thank you!